Managers Work Encouragement JOI

Since you've been out of work so long, as your manager I've had to make an in-home visit to find out when we can expect to see you back in the office. Ordinarily this isn't something I do, but it's been such a long time since you've been to work that it almost seems that you're not an employee at all. I had a plan to ease you back into your job, but in the few minutes I've been talking with you, I see that you're not looking at me as your manager but instead you're undressing me with your eyes. So, I've just made a change to the plan. I think what you need is a way to provide a release, so I want you to pull out your cock and start stroking. That's it -- stroke it hard and fast! As an added bonus, if you'll show up to work in the morning, I'll let you shoot your jizz all over my face! That's right. You'll get to cum all over face and mess up my makeup. Some of it may even drip onto my clothes, and since I won't have anything to change into, I'll have to wear your cum all day. But that's only if you show up on time tomorrow.