The Electric balls of joy – part 2 in 4K

Wanilianna, not only has seamed nylon stockings, vintage lingerie and a smooth shaved pussy, but she has balls! Yes, balls! Her balls are electric, they vibrate and they provide her with orgasms! They vibrate deep inside her womanliness, and their vibrations follow in unison with her body's out-of-control, apocalyptic and obviously genuine, orgasmic spasms when her body gives in to, and writhes helplessly during feminine ecstasy. Her balls do this just for you (and, OK, for herself too!). You know what? Your balls can do this for yourself (and, OK, for herself too!). But how would she know if you (your balls) did this for her? If you bought this movie, she would know! You just read two good reasons to buy this movie. Just try to think of a reason not to buy it! UHD-4K. #wanilianna #nylonstrumpfhose #vintagestockings