The Lovely Wife Surprise

I like your lovely hands in rubber tight gloves. Also in clip include tease, condom, blow job, a lot of salivation, and you wear a vintage black stockings with garters. You decide to make a surprise for your husband, you have a wedding anniversary. You are guess his fetish of rubber gloves and blow job in a condom. Your husband lies on the bed, you enter the room in a beautiful and sexy dress, it can be any color you choose, but dress should be short. You tease and dance for him while showing your top stocking and your ass. You can tell him you have a surprise for him. After you take off all your clothes except black stockings and garters. You put on his cock a rubber ring, you tease him a little more, and then you pull out the rubber gloves and condom. You slowly put rubber gloves on your hands, show me how it sounds, rub them and pull. I like the sound of rubber gloves. Then you spit in a condom and put it on hard cock. Now everything is ready as needed. Now you give your husband a blow job and hand job while you have to give a lot of saliva on his cock. You can kiss and lick his cock, do whatever you want, I like how you do it. Also in between of this I wa