Wanilianna trainspotting

Wanilianna checks the train schedule Sunday afternoon at her station. The public is just coming home from church. Judging by the amazingly naughty mood Wanilianna is in, it's unlikely she attended services! Why? Because when she sees that a train will soon be coming, she decides to do the very same thing... hopefully before the train gets there with all its curious people. She walks along the tracks in full public view... cars are driving nearby and people are walking nearby. Oh My is she naughty! Wanilianna is dressed all in black and shows you everything... black hair, black sunglasses, black dress, black bra, black girdle, black garters, black stockings, and black hair (different "black hair") right out in the open! Oh... her naughty attitude and her risque facial expressions as she looks around to see if it is safe to squat and touch her pink womanhood. It's not safe... and her uninhibited actions while others could see her at any moment will drive you crazy. So..., does Wanilianna come before the train does? You will have to buy this moderately priced clip to find out! #nylonstrumpfhose #nylons #vintagestockings #publicsex #outdoorsex #wanilianna