Your mega big load on my tasty soles

Short, simple... but specific. Foot fetish, nylon, nothing new, but there's something specific I'd love to see and I'll gladly pay whatever it takes! about 10-15 minutes long. I would love to see your feet with either deep red nail polish, or french pedicure. I find both very attractive, but I'd like you to decide which you like better. Also, I'd love for you to wear sheer nude colored pantyhose for this session. Very thin, very transparent. I like to see your legs and feet through the pantyhose. I'd like for you to choose your own makeup and hair style for this clip! I really like to see your creative side. As I said, about 10-15 minutes in length, in three main parts. Part 1: You enter the room, solo, fully dressed, in pantyhose, socks, and boots or sneakers (you choose). You do a strip tease for the camera, removing your shoes and socks to reveal your pantyhose feet underneath. You also remove your pants/top throughout this strip tease. I love to see no underwear with pantyhose, and plenty of good shots of your pretty toes and your perfect soles. Part 2: A POV footjob, in