549 Wife’s Surprise Give You a Cosmic Orgasm

Custom Clip Request I noticed in one of your clips that you use chastity on your husband, I have my own idea for the clip, I would be happy if you did this. I like all your hand job clips, all your clips from the category “Cock Tease”, your fingers and your nails are just superbly beautiful and feminine, so I want to see how you will do hand job again, but this time your husband will wear a chastity. At the finish it should turn out not to be forgotten, I know that it will shoot a lot, I try. You wear black lingerie, like in the second part of the clip, panties and stockings and garters as from the clip "I'm Your Big Hot Sticky Wet Dream". Heels No heels on the bed. You come into the room and see that your husband is wearing a chastity, your facial expressions become perverted, you probably have something in mind. Without removing your lingerie, without removing chastity from him, you tease your husband throughout the clip, you give him a hand job, blow job, suck, lick, stroke his cock through the chastity. During the clip, I would like to see two positions when you lie on your stom