Air hostess in nylon encasement

Wanilianna is an air hostess coming home from a long intercontinental trip to the USA. She wore layered nylons, pantyhose over stockings and a nylon top while visiting a friend and still has them on while flying home; she's exhausted. She lays back and dreams of pulling a nylon stocking out of her pussy, putting it over a dildo and masturbating, then tasting hot semen all over her. She awakens suddenly, feels a falling sensation and a dizzying feeling. Everything around her is spinning wildly out of control. She grabs on to anything she can while her heartbeat races, her knees weaken, the small of her back tingles and her legs fly up in the air. She gasps for air... almost passing out! What is going on she thought? Is this "it" for her? Soon she feels calm, the noise around her ceases and her pulse and breathing returns to normal. "Wow" she thought... "that was the most amazingly real orgasm I ever felt"! #vintagestockings #nylonstrumpfhose #maturewomen #orgasmen