Nylon encasement and cum play 2

Waniianana wears a black latex coat, latex dress, latex top, and heels - but underneath she's wearing layered nylons - crotchless pantyhose over nylon stockings and a nylon top with holes for her breasts. The rubbery sound of the latex coat, top, and skirt as she rolls on her bed and when they come off off is very interesting. BDSM enthusiasts will love it! She places a nylon stocking over her head and neck encasing her entire body in shimmering nylon material... with her legs in double layers. Everything is covered except for her pussy! How interesting is that? She slips a red rubber floppy dildo deep into her pussy and moans in ecstasy as you hear her juices slurping as the dildo moves in and out. Her moans and whimpers increase and increase and increase as pre-orgasmic sensations boil deep within her sensual body. Off comes her stocking hood and guess where she puts it? Deep into her soaking pussy! She continues masturbating... her voice fluctuations quicken even more and her body jerks with orgasmic spasms and writhes on her bed as she climaxes. Out comes the stocking... to her nose for a sensual sniff of her womanly aroma... and back over her head! #feinstrumpfhose #stockings